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Thiamine introduction

TIME:2019-03-15 09:09:44 BROWSE:2141

  Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine or anti-neuritis vitamin or anti-berexia vitamin, is a white crystal that is easily oxidized in the presence of an oxidant to produce dehydrothiamine, which exhibits blue fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light. A B vitamin formed by a combination of a pyrimidine ring and a thiazole ring through a methylene group. It is a white crystalline or crystalline powder; it has a weak special odor, bitter taste, and hygroscopicity. It is exposed to the air and easily absorbs moisture. It is easy to decompose and deteriorate in an alkaline solution. When the pH is 3.5, it can withstand 100 °C high temperature, and when the acid-base is greater than 5, it is easy to fail. The light and heat price dropped. Therefore, it should be placed in the shade, kept in a cool place, and should not be stored for a long time. It is stable in acidic solution, unstable in alkaline solution, and easily oxidized and destroyed by heat. The reducing substances sulfite, sulfur dioxide, etc. can inactivate vitamin B1.

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